Michelle Hall | About

My practice is interdisciplinary and I work with a variety of materials and processes. This often takes the form of moving image works with scripted voiceover. Alongside visual output, writing and text-based works are important elements to my research and practice.

Throughout my work I use objects, images, details and textures as catalysts for narratives that fall somewhere between fact, fiction and myth. I'm interested in concealed, unspoken and hidden histories, and throughout my work there is a desire to examine and reveal. I continue to explore ways of doing this by creating unusual links between various objects, histories, materials and processes. Drawing upon aspects of personal history and ongoing research into psychological processes, my work deals with themes of memory and loss, weaving together reflections on various healing and therapeutic practices. I use a variety of working methods which are underpinned by extended periods of gathering. The consideration of time as a material extends to the formation of pace and narrative within my video works. Elements of gesture and performance slowly develop alongside these gathering periods.

In 2016 I graduated with a first class honours from the MA Art in the Contemporary World programme at NCAD, Dublin, which I took through a combined theory/practice pathway. My graduate work was jointly awarded the RC Lewis-Crosby Award at the inaugural RDS Visual Art Awards 2016 and awarded the StartPoint Prize 2017 at the National Gallery Prague. In 2017 I exhibited Lost in Papancha, Ways of Escape at ArtBox Gallery, Dublin, and completed a residency with the CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS, which finished with a group exhibition at Bow Arts RAW Labs Gallery in London. Upcoming events include Room performance event with CAPP Performance and Power 2018, Dublin, StartPoint Prize Residency, Prague, with group exhibition at Berlinskej Model, and residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. As part of the StartPoint Prize award I will produce a catalogue to be launched at StartPoint 2018.

Since graduating from my BA Fine Art, DIT Portland Row, in 2007 I have exhibited in multiple group exhibitions throughout Ireland and abroad. I have also worked on collaborative projects with other artists, writers and curators. While studying on the MA ACW programme I developed new and existing strands to my art-making and writing practices which I continue to develop through various solo and collaborative projects. From 2014 to 2017 I was awarded the Fingal Arts Office Artist’s Support Scheme Bursary and in 2017 I was awarded a Film Bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland. In 2018 I have been awarded workspace at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, through the RHA + Fingal Arts Office Studio Award.