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The Lament of the Jade Phoenix

The Lament of the Jade Phoenix – HD Digital Video, 26'06'', 2016.


Storage – HD Digital Video, 01'08'', 2015

Part One

Part One – HD Digital Video, 03'54'', 2015

Utopian Fantasy

Utopian Fantasy – Acrylic paint, PVA glue, sands of time, 20.5 x 13.5cm, 2015

Floor Plan

Floor Plan – Collected materials (works-in-progress), Dimensions Variable, 2015

A Package

A Package – A5 folded leaflet opening to A3 (original format), digital print, 2014 Text piece created as part of larger work for the Block T Members Show 2014. This piece was recited at Foaming at the Mouth, August 2014, and published in some mark made, a journal of experimental poetry and writing edited by Sue Rainsford, March 2016.

Performative Events

Images 1-3: Room II, October 2015
Performative presentation with collected and made objects

Image 4: Room III, April 2016
Live voiceover recital with video projection

Image 5: Phonica III, June 2016
Performative presentation with objects, image and video slideshow, wind instruments

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